An autonomous post-secondary educational institution replacing the Department of Technical Education and it’s seven instituitions to be better aligned with the social and economic needs of the country.


A Dynamic Technical Educational Institution embracing Lifelong Learning


“Nurturing Learners To Be Highly Competent and Socially Responsible Towards Building A Dynamic Economy”

For further information, please contact the institution directly. You may find their contact information on their website.d


School of Agrotechnology and Applied Science

  • NTec in Food Processing
  • NTec in Crop and Livestock Production
  • NTec in Aquaculture
  • HNTec in Pharmacy Technician
  • HNTec in Laboratory Science
  • HNTec in AgroTechnology

School of Aviation

  • HNTec in Electronic Engineering
  • HNTec in Electronics and Media Technology
  • HNTec in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Airframe and Engine)
  • HNTec in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Avionics)

Brunei Maritime Academy

  • IBTE Diploma in Marine Engineering
  • IBTE Diploma in Nautical Studies
  • COP Apprenticeship in Deck Ratings
  • COP Apprenticeship in Engine Ratings

School of Building Technology Services

  • HNTec in Construction Engineering
  • HNTec in Geomatics
  • NTec in Building Craft
  • HNTec in Interior Design

School of Energy and Engineering Satellite

  • HNTec in Building Services Engineering
  • HNTec in Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  • HNTec in Mechanical Engineering
  • HNTec in Plant Engineering
  • NTec in Apprenticeship in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
  • NTec in Industrial Equipment Maintenance
  • NTec in Welding

School of Energy And Engineering Central

  • HNTec in Automobile Technology
  • HNTec in Electrical Engineering
  • NTec in Electrical Technology
  • NTec in Heavy Vehicle Mechanics
  • NTec in Light Vehicle Mechanics
  • NTec Apprenticeship in Automotive Technician
  • ISQ in Blasting and Painting (Oil and Gas industry)
  • ISQ in Marking and Fitting (Oil and Gas Industry)
  • ISQ in Rigging (Oil and Gas Industry)
  • ISQ in Scaffolding (Oil and Gas Industry)
  • ISQ in Welding

School of Business

  • HNTec in Business and Finance
  • HNTec in Office Administration
  • NTec in Business and Administration

School of Hospitality and Tourism

  • HNTec in Hospitality Operations
  • HNTec in Travel and Tourism
  • NTec in Culinary Operations
  • NTec Apprenticeship in Professional Cookery & Services

School of Information and Communication Technology

  • HNTec in Computer Networking
  • HNTec in Information Technology
  • HNTec in Information and Library Studies
  • HNTec in Telecommunication Systems
  • NTec in Information Technology