Institute of brunei technical education

In IBTE we provide the guidance you need to become a professional and productive contributor’s to today’s society. Once you’ve reached the end of your journey with IBTE, you will have succeeded in achieving your goals and be ready to enter the industry equipped with the knowledge, confidence and the ability to perform at your best. Inspiring Bruneians toward Excellence is not simply a catchphrase in IBTE. We hold true to our aspiration to develop our students’ capabilities to be job-ready and to be resourceful individuals in meeting the challenges dictated by globalization.


School of Agrotechnology and Applied Science:
  • NTec in Food Processing
  • NTec in Crop and Livestock Production
  • NTec in Aquaculture
  • HNTec in Pharmacy Technician
  • HNTec in Laboratory Science
  • HNTec in AgroTechnology
School of Aviation:
  • HNTec in Electronic Engineering
  • HNTec in Electronics and Media Technology
  • HNTec in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Airframe and Engine)
  • HNTec in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Avionics)



Brunei Maritime Academy:
  • IBTE Diploma in Marine Engineering
  • IBTE Diploma in Nautical Studies
  • COP Apprenticeship in Deck Ratings
  • COP Apprenticeship in Engine Ratings
School of Building Technology Services:
  • HNTec in Construction Engineering
  • HNTec in Geomatics
  • NTec in Building Craft
  • HNTec in Interior Design
School of Energy and Engineering Satellite:
  • HNTec in Building Services Engineering
  • HNTec in Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  • HNTec in Mechanical Engineering
  • HNTec in Plant Engineering
  • NTec in Apprenticeship in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
  • NTec in Industrial Equipment Maintenance
  • NTec in Welding
School of Hospitality and Tourism:
  • HNTec in Hospitality Operations
  • HNTec in Travel and Tourism
  • NTec in Culinary Operations
  • NTec Apprenticeship in Professional Cookery & Services


School of Business:
  • HNTec in Business and Finance
  • HNTec in Office Administration
  • NTec in Business and Administration
School of Energy And Engineering Central:
  • HNTec in Automobile Technology
  • HNTec in Electrical Engineering
  • NTec in Electrical Technology
  • NTec in Heavy Vehicle Mechanics
  • NTec in Light Vehicle Mechanics
  • NTec Apprenticeship in Automotive Technician
  • ISQ in Blasting and Painting (Oil and Gas industry)
  • ISQ in Marking and Fitting (Oil and Gas Industry)
  • ISQ in Rigging (Oil and Gas Industry)
  • ISQ in Scaffolding (Oil and Gas Industry)
  • ISQ in Welding
School of Information and Communication Technology:
  • HNTec in Computer Networking
  • HNTec in Information Technology
  • HNTec in Information and Library Studies
  • HNTec in Telecommunication Systems
  • NTec in Information Technology

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