universiti islam sultan sharif ali

The university took its name from the sharifate of Mecca, Barkat Ali Ibnu Sharif Ajlan ibnu Sharif Rumaithah, known as Sultan Sharif Ali, who was a descendant of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and appointed as the third Sultan of Brunei after marrying the daughter of the previous sultan. He was the first sultan to build a mosque in Brunei; it was destroyed during the Allied bombing in 1945/46


Doctor of Philosophy Programmes
  • Mazhab Shafi’i (Research)
  • Halal Laws (Research)
  • Halal Management (Research)
  • Islamic Economics (Research)
  • Islamic Banking and Finance (Research)
  • Laws (Research)
  • Islamic History and Civilization (Research)
  • Shariah (Research)
  • Arabic Language (Research)
  • Usuluddin (Research)
Master Programmes:
  • Shariah (Research)
  • Islamic History and Civilisation (Research and Cousework &Dissertation)
  • Arabic Language (Research)
  • Arabic Language (Coursework & Dissertation)
  • Usuluddin (Coursework and Dissertation)
  • Usuluddin (Research)
  • Halal Laws (Research)
  • Halal Management (Research)
  • Islamic Economics (Research)
  • Madzhab Shafi’e (Research)
Bachelor Degree Programmes:
  • Bachelor of Usuluddin
  • Bachelor of Tahfiz & Qira’at
  • Bachelor of Laws and Shariah (Double degree)
  • Bachelor of Business Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Islamic Finance
  • Bachelor of Shariah (Fiqh & Judiciary)
  • Bachelor of Shariah (Fiqh & Usul)
  • Bachelor of Islamic History and Civilization
  • Bachelor of Arabic Language and Translation
  • Usuluddin (Aqidah & Da‘wah)
Diploma Programmes:
  • Barnamij At-Tarqiyyah (Upgrading Programme)
  • Higher National Diploma Dirasat Islamiyyah
  • Certificate of Shariah Criminal Justice System

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