Please make sure to follow the following procedures to ensure all affairs run smoothly. Thank you for your cooperation.

step 1:

Download the application form for the recognition and accreditation process.  Please fill in the form completely and accurately. 

step 2:

E-mail the application form with the supporting documents to
Please ensure all supporting documents required for accreditation process are attached and the files attached do not exceed 10MB. For further details, please refer to the required documents for accreditation.

step 3:

Once submitted, you will receive an automatic reply from the Secretariat after you have sent your submission to indicate that your e-mail has successfully reached our inbox. 

Any applications received after working hours on working days, Friday, Sunday and during public holiday will be registered the next following working days. 

step 4:

Once ready, the accreditation letter will be e-mailed to the applicants.

For the collection of the original accreditation letter, BDNAC Secretariat will contact the applicant through our office contact no. +673  238 0017.


Recognition of Programmes / Courses for Private Institutions

Application form and guidelines for recognition of programmes/courses conducted by private institutions

Recognition of Qualifications / Courses

Application form and guidelines for the recognition of qualifications/courses


Required Documents For Accreditation ​of Courses / Qualifications

The following list are the required documents for accreditation. Applicants are recommended to prepare the following documents and submit them together with the application form. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us for further assistance.
All certified true copies of documents which consist of:
  1.  Academic Certificates along with the academic transcripts of qualifications such as;
    • PhD
    • Master
    • Bachelor
    • Higher National Diploma
    • National Diploma
    • If or any equivalent qualification
  2. Results of qualifications for;
    • GCE ‘O’ Level
    • GCE ‘A’ Level
    • Foundation
    • If or any equivalent qualification
  3. Offer letter for institutions if applicable (for accreditation of courses only)
  4. Identification Card (I.C.) of the applicant
NOTE: Please ensure that all copies of academic documents are certified true copies from certain agencies such as schools / institutions / courts.

Have any enquiries? Feel free to contact us for any assistance needed.

Attention to Applicants!

During the collection of original accreditation letters. Please check the contents of the accreditation letter before leaving to ensure that the contents of the letter are all correct and complete.