Brunei Darussalam Qualification Framework

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Brunei Darussalam Qualifications Framework (BDQF) comprises of eight (8) levels hierarchy covering qualifications in the school, technical and higher education sectors. The BDQF is used as a tool to develop guidelines that classify qualifications based on criteria agreed at the national level and benchmarked with international good practice.

The framework explains the level of learning, achieved learning outcomes of study areas, and a credit system based on student academic load. This criterion applies to all qualificiations recognised in Brunei Darussalam, thereby integrating and linking all qualifications recognised within the country.


Level descriptors have been developed for all the eight (8) levels of the BDQF, defined by the nature of characteristics outcomes of learning at each level in terms of five (5) domains that is, (i) Knowledge and understanding; (ii) Practice: Applied Knowledge and Understanding; (iii) Generic Cognitive Skills; (iv) Communication, ICT and Numeracy Skills and (v) Autonomy, Accountability and Working with others (the level of independence).

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